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How to place an order
during our temporary closure:

Although we have closed temporarily, there are still ways to access beading supplies.

You can send us an email or facebook message detailing the items that you wish, and their quantities.

As we do not currently have regular business hours during the Covid-19 lockdown, our phone number is not regularly staffed.

We will reply to your message to confirm we have received your order and we will call you for billing and shipping information.
We will then send your supplies in the mail or arrange an appointment for curb-side pickup so you can stay creative!

We appreciate your business and your support.
We wish you all health and safety, and look forward to seeing you soon!

Check out our temporary catalogue with new pages being added!


To place an order, or if you have any questions, please phone us at (613) 224 - 2143.


Address: (map)

3 Chartwell Avenue, Unit #6
(in the Craig Henry Plaza)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2G 4K3

McBead Creations

Phone: (613) 224-2143

Email: mcbeadcreations@rogers.com

Store Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 11am - 6pm
Friday: 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm

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